About Us

Christian Marketing Experts started in 2015 when two freelancers who were devout Christians decided that too many companies were unethical in how they operated. They wanted to pull their expertise to form a faith-based company. Today, the international company provides print and digital marketing for clients around the world and draws on the expertise of Louise Harris, an expert on print marketing and content generation, and Usman Raza, an expert on digital marketing services.

Why Us?

Today, digital marketing companies are a dime a dozen, but few of them are faith-based. We will never sell you services you don’t need or ones that are unethical. We would never violate the 10 Commandments just to make a sale. We will perform all our work first for God, then for you.

Through our network of writers, SEO experts, designers and freelancers, we are able to offer you long-term positive results for growing your business. We use matrices to measure success even though prayer and devotion to God also will show you the results. We can provide you with reports on search-engine rankings, flow and amount of traffic; conversions; amount of leads generated; and sales and return sales. We want you to grow your business the right way. We work with you and always ensure that what we do is what you want. God is a part of everything we do. Therefore, you can relax and focus on running other aspects of your business.

What We Do

We are ready to offer you a number of packages and plans that includes balanced marketing that is important for today’s commercial world. You need both digital marketing services, print and in-person marketing to attract attention of your ideal clients and customers. These packages are designed to enhance your beliefs, not fight them.

Call now to discuss the different marketing packages we have available.

How We Work

We listen to your concerns and requirements before we do any work. We develop websites and marketing plans based on you and your specific needs.

You need to stand out from the crowd, outclassing your competitors and we make sure that you do in a faith-based way. We look forward to working with you. Call now for your free consultation.