Online Public Relations

At Christian Marketing Experts, we understand the need for public relations. Online public relations has been converging with search engine optimization, content marketing and social media. But, it remains a separate service. We use public relations to help you reach larger audiences and improve your brand awareness.

We understand that you need a presence in top-tier online publications. This presence will enhance your other efforts and generate results and customers for you. When you add public relations to your marketing strategies, you create high-quality content for your Web site and relevant industry publications.

This high-quality content also increases customer engagement and bigger reach for your products or services. Stronger brand awareness will lead to more people who could possibly buy from you. Unlike our competitors, we will not use online public relations incorrectly or over promise the results. We work with our clients to ensure the right message is being sent. Because we are a faith-based company, we ensure that we will not offend others with your online public relations. Everything we do is designed to please God and our clients.

At CME, we believe in a balanced marketing plan. Therefore, our online public relations service complements other services we offer. We use it to diversify content marketing, search engine optimization and social media efforts. As part of our online PR strategies, we will help you:

  • Identify top-tier online publications relevant to your industry
  • Assist you in establishing personal connections with publications
  • Coach your experts on pitching topics
  • Integrate PR efforts with content marketing, SEO and social media strategies
  • Establish editorial calendars and coordinate content creation schedules

If you are unsure what our online PR service does, call now with your questions. Our experts will explain it to you. Don’t hesitate. You have to call for a free consultation.