Paid Search

Christian Marketing Experts is a company that understands paid search techniques and display and social ads. We cover the U.S. and international markets by providing:

  • Search engine marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Search advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Paid search

Although search engine optimization is effective, it isn’t enough to help you get the results you seek. As we have mentioned, companies need a balanced marketing plan. That includes pay per click or search advertising. PPC is great when you want to kickstart your business with potential customers without waiting for them to find you via SEO. PPC will give you great return on your investment. Because we are experts in PPC strategy, you will see an instant peak in your ROI as leads and sales pour in fast.

Pay per click technology is simple to use, which is why it is powerful for your business. You pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement. We do what is necessary to ensure your ad is at the top of search engine results. We bid higher than anyone else, and we use relevant copy in the advertisement and landing page content. We also rely on our experts in writing and editing to create the ad for you.

But, because we are a faith-based marketing company, we will not launch an advertising campaign without your approval. We will advertise what you feel is important without misleading you or your potential customers. We believe that if you work to please God first, the rest comes naturally. Your ad will not offend others or God.

Many people are anxious to have us to their paid search campaign for them because we get results. We offer the service to new clients and long-time clients who want to boost referrals at certain times. They keep coming back to us because we are honest, trustworthy and faithful. We help you:

  • Choosing the best advertising platforms tailored to match your business and the needs of your clients
  • Fully integrate the process alongside our other search and conversion optimization services
  • Adhere to guidelines provided by advertising platforms

We offer every type of PPC management services you require: domestic, international, display advertising and social advertising.

Thank you for choosing us. Call now to start your PPC campaign. We are happy to answer your questions. Call for a free consultation.