Print Marketing

At Christian Marketing Experts, we believe that you can get many results from digital marketing, but your company needs to be balanced in your marketing. That is why we offer print marketing alongside digital and online marketing.

What Is Print Marketing?

Print marketing involves getting your brand in front of people through items on paper. Our services include postcards, newspaper articles, press releases, newspaper advertising, email campaigns, fliers, white papers, billboards, signs and more. These are important tools that many company owners forget to use. They are cost-effective and provide the necessary brand awareness that is lacking in digital marketing.

Why Print Marketing?

Although most Americans on are computers and use their smartphones, a generation of buyers do not go online. These older Americans still look for magazines or newspapers, television and radio for their information. They are more likely to sit on a bus bench. They don’t like buying online, rarely use social media and search for companies in printed outlet. You don’t want to ignore these potential customers. You need to find a way to reach them. Also, they are loyal once they find a company they like.

Brand awareness is important today. Before a company will purchase from you, they have to remember you and your brand. Before they can remember your brand, they have to be touched by that brand 14 times. After another seven times, they might buy from you. Digital marketing is not effective in helping people remember you, especially if the customers aren’t online. Even if they are, seeing something on a computer is not going to help people remember you because that is one touch.

However, print marketing is more visible because it shows up in more locations and more avenues. CME is experts in print marketing. We know what to suggest to you to ensure you get the maximum exposure you need.

CME knows the proper way to write and distribute press releases. This is important because if you want newspapers to do stories about your company, you have to write them in the write format. You have to know how to write them to get attention and stand out in a crowd. Therefore, you shouldn’t trust your press releases to a company that doesn’t know what it is doing. CME can design post cards or door hangers to ensure you are seen and remembered. Don’t forget e-mail. Generation X still relies on e-mail over other media. In fact, e-mail campaigns remain successful ways to send your message to potential clients.

Indirect Marketing

Don’t believe that if you don’t see immediate results, print marketing isn’t working. Print marketing is designed to get your brand before large audiences, but it is indirect. People might see your billboard, an article about you in a paper, a white paper you presented at a conference, receive a post card in the mail and opened their e-mail with your story. Then, they might click on your ad on social media because they had seen you so many times before the Facebook ad. Because digital marketing needs help getting people to choose your brand, CME offers print marketing services.

And, as always, we never post, create or distribute marketing material you don’t want associated with your brand. All our work will please God and you. We never mislead you or your potential customers.

Still unsure whether print marketing is right for you? Call for a free consultation. Ask us your questions about print marketing. You have to call now.