Social Media Coaching Service

At Christian Marketing Experts, we see a lot of posts that are nasty. We see people attacking businesses and people. We don’t think this is right. It goes against God’s commandments. That is why when you trust your social media to us, we don’t post things that would offend or hurt people or companies. Even your competitors have a right to say what they wish and be in business. Instead of attacking your competitors, we would highlight why customers need to choose you.

What we also see are small business owners overwhelmed by social media and how to use it effectively. We offer coaching services that go beyond posting for you. We can teach you about the different sites and why you want to use or not use them. Not every site is right for every company. We are experts in social media and explain what you need to know.

CME also can provide you social media classes for you and your employees if you need that service. We want to empower you to know that what you are doing is the right move for your company. However, we can take over your social media posting if you require that as well. Know that we will never post anything that you don’t like or don’t want representing your company. We work with our clients on their social media strategy to ensure it is the right strategy.

Why You Need Social Media

As previously stated, through our coaching services, we explain why social media are important to your business. It goes beyond sharing content and creating a buzz about your brand. Social media is connected to search engine optimization, conversion optimization, content marketing, online public relations, paid searches, Web site design and development, and online marketing strategies. Social media also are an inexpensive way to announce your product and services. Social media become the main location for communicating your brand messaging and content to your audiences. Social media allow you to engage with your customers and prospects to provide a two-way conversation that will nurture your leads effectively.

Benefits of Social Media Management

  • Powerful lead nurturing journey
  • Influences relevant Websites to link to your content
  • Increases your influence and reach
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Amplifies your content marketing and public relation efforts
  • Improves your online reputation

Let’s get a conversation started about your social media. Call now and reach out to our expert coaches.