Why Balanced Marketing Is More Effective Than Unbalanced

You might be wondering why your business isn’t more successful. It could be your marketing. Many business owners decide to spend as little as possible on marketing, saying they will have to earn more to afford marketing. This is a mistake. The popular quote is that you need to spend money to make money. However, you have to spend money correctly to make even more money. Balanced marketing is the key to successful businesses.

What Is Balanced Marketing?

Balanced marketing is using all avenues of getting out your message to your target audience. Focusing on one option, such as social media or only digital marketing, is the wrong way to go. Think about the large corporations in your area. Do they stick to one form of marketing? No. Their name and brand are seen and heard everywhere. Therefore, it is imperative that you forget the notion that all you need is social media. You need social media, print, digital, broadcast, video and in-person marketing to be successful.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you are planning to offer a new service. How would you let your customers and potential customers know about it? This is how. You post on all your social media sites, being careful to follow the guidelines of each site. You create digital ads for Facebook, Google and speciality sites. You send a press release to media, including online publications. You create a podcast or advertise on radio and television. Advertise in print media, such as newspapers and trade publications. Create a blog to post on your Web site and share on your social media sites. Develop a video, such as a whiteboard that explains the service, to talk about it. Bring up the new service at networking meetings or events. Talk about it to fellow members of associations and charities. Create a postcard to give out to people you meet or to leave at referral partners’ locations. Send an email blast to clients and potential clients about the service. Add the new service with a landing page to your Website. Doing all these things ensures that your new service will be seen and heard by the broadest number of people in your target market.

Why Balanced Marketing?

If you follow all the steps listed in the previous paragraph, you will hit the most people that could possibly buy your service. This is important because you don’t know where the next customer will be found. If you focus only on digital, you could possibly lose those customers that are scrolling through their e-mails or reading the paper. In addition, you will stand out from your competitors because you are using more options than they are to advertise your new service. You will be remembered. It is tough in this information-overload society to be remembered. Your brand must be seen and heard many times to be remembered. Besides having customers remember you, you have been trusted. This is why in-person marketing is important. You can gain trust and likeability if people meet you regularly. Online reviews will help with this trust component as well, but not everyone reads them or trusts them. Some reviews are written by paid people who have never used a service.

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